M&A Today : July 2017 Issue

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An Overview of the Golden Parachute Payment RulesDavid M. Czarnecki

Often, executives of private companies have certain rights and benefits that are triggered upon a change in control, such as accelerated vesting of equity awards and payments under a management carve-out plan. These payments may result in significant tax penalties under Section 280G of the Internal Revenue Code, or the “Golden Parachute Rules”, unless appropriate action is taken by the company.

Read the article in this month’s M&A Today Newsletter to learn more about Section 280G.

Top Considerations – Sale of CompanyJoseph C. Marrow

Selling a business can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reap the rewards for years of efforts spent successfully growing a company, but it is critically important that the business is positioned to achieve a successful exit and there are a number of initial steps to be taken to prepare for a successful exit.

Learn more in this month’s M&A Today Newsletter.

M&A Non-disclosure Agreements: Drafting Considerations for Buyers and SellersScott R. Bleier

Selling a company can be a long and winding road with an inevitable exchange of confidential information between presumptive buyers and the selling company occurring throughout the course of a M&A transaction. Typically, the first document signed between a buyer and seller is a non-disclosure agreement (a “NDA”) which is designed to place restrictions on what each party may do with confidential information shared by the other party during the course of the buyer’s due diligence review of the seller.

For more information on NDAs, read the full article in our M&A Today Newsletter.

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