M&A Basics: What You Should Know Going In

ttop-tenWhen negotiating an M&A transaction, there are many issues that should be addressed up front (preferably at the letter of intent stage or as soon as possible after the execution of a letter of intent).

The target company and the acquiring company should consider the following issues when contemplating a transaction.

Top 10 Merger and Acquisition Transaction Issues

  • Deal Structure
  • Cash versus Equity
  • Working Capital Adjustments
  • Escrows and Earn-Outs
  • Representations and Warranties
  • Target Indemnification
  • Joint and Several Liability
  • Closing Conditions
  • HSR/Timing Issues
  • Non-competes & Non-solicits

Need to get up to speed quickly? No problem. Our own Shannon Zollo and Mary Beth Kerrigan have written a great article that gives a nice overview of each of these issues. You can read it on our website at:
Top Ten Issues in M&A Transactions.

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